Be Aware – CF Stories from Cochran

This week is Cystic Fibrosis week.  CF is a genetic disorder that causes the body to create excess mucus that can build up in the lungs, pancreas and other internal organs.  In the lungs, this excess mucus can trap bacteria, which causes infections that can lead to respiratory failure and death.

According to the CF Foundation, 30, 000 people in the U.S. have CF.  Our own community is not unaffected by this disease.  Amye Dykes, the daughter of Troy and Cindy Dykes, lives a courageous life with CF.  Just recently Amye had to spend several weeks in the hospital and at home battling two different drug resistant bacteria that periodically cause infections in her lungs.  Amye is an old hat at these “tune-ups” as she calls them. She recently wrote a blog post about her journey with CF.  She shared the following about her daily life. Continue reading Be Aware – CF Stories from Cochran

BCHS Job Fair Connects Kids and Careers

Volunteers set up booths for BCHS job fair.

The second annual BCHS job fair was held last Friday, April 14.  Over 30 careers were represented, including engineering, education, aviation, manufacturing, nursing, catering, veterinary sciences, radiology, environmental consulting, and real estate. Students engaged with the skills and equipment required in various jobs as they learned about the education needed to succeed in these careers.


Sophomore Seraina Purnell introduces herself to volunteers.

The job fair was the brain child of Jenna Harvey, a science teacher at Bleckley County High School. Ms. Harvey felt it was important to teach her students about the many careers available in the field of science.  It is her hope that “this [job fair] benefits at least one student.”  When asked what her goal is for the job fair, she stated,  “I plan this job fair solely for the future benefit of the students.  My main goal is for students to gain knowledge and hopefully a career from this experience.” Continue reading BCHS Job Fair Connects Kids and Careers