Parents, Know the Facts about 13 Reasons Why

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by Melissa Blankenship

Many parents may not have heard about the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but their children probably have.  This is a dramatic series based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It is about a young girl, Hannah, who commits suicide and leaves behind 7 double-sided cassette tapes on which she has recorded 13 reasons why she committed suicide.  They are delivered to the 13 people who she felt contributed to her desire to kill herself.

The book was published in 2007 and became the New York Times #1 best seller in 2011.  It has received numerous awards as a young adult novel.  However, its film adaptation is not being received with the same glowing enthusiasm. Whether because of the wild-fire way in which the Netflix series has gained popularity or the graphic portrayal of Hannah’s suicide, the dramatic series has caused much concern among mental health professionals, teachers, and parents.  Parents should know some facts when determining the suitability of this series. Continue reading Parents, Know the Facts about 13 Reasons Why

Community Searches for; Finds Missing Child

Anna-Kay Hagler

by Melissa Blankenship

The Cochran community and the students at Middle Georgia State University pulled together this past Tuesday to show their true colors as they helped search and eventually find a missing child.

April 4 was a long day for the Hagler family, but their arrival home around 9:15 pm was not to be the end of their long day.  Within minutes of walking in the door, the family was thrown into a panic as they realized their four year old daughter, Anna-Kay, was missing.

In the confusion of coming in and getting ready for bed, little Anna-Kay somehow slipped past the watchful eyes of her parents and simply disappeared.   Her father, James Hagler, remembers that she changed into her pajamas around 9:35, but when mom, Amy Hagler, arrived home about 9:45, the four year old was nowhere to be found.  After a quick and frantic search of the house, the panic set in.  Mrs. Hagler says, “I just screamed for Anna-Kay, then dropped to my knees to pray. That’s all I could do.” Continue reading Community Searches for; Finds Missing Child