City officials and Church Leaders Plan for Irma Evacuees

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Cochran churches have come together to create a united effort to help the hurricane evacuees that will be in our area over the next week. We really need your help. 
Here are the ways you can help:

1. Share this message on Facebook. 

Please drop off the following items at New Life Church of God any time of day. Water, Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag, Toiletries, Paper Plates/Cups/Forks, Baby Food/Formula, Diapers, Pillows, Non-perishable food items, (NO CLOTHING PLEASE) 478-934-1300 Donation Hotline 

**New Life is NOT a shelter location.**

We have three churches that will serve as Good Samaritan Shelters, which means we get zero supplies from Red Cross. We need people to prepare meals, serve, greet, clean, etc…The shelters will open one at a time. As one fills up, the next will open. The first church shelter will be Christ Chapel. The contact information is 478-230-2995 to volunteer. As the next church shelter opens, we will update Cochran-Bleckley Info and News on Facebook.  

** Send evacuees to this shelter or this phone number.** 

It’s a privilege to live in and serve Middle Georgia, where we all come together to help each other and those in need. Please donate as soon as you can and please volunteer to serve. Thanks!

– Cochran-Bleckley Pastors and Churches