Near Drowning Victim and Family Continue Journey to Recovery

Ranger before and after hyberbaric therapy
Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes these disasters have dominated the news over the past month and they rally us to response because of their devastation and the vast number of people killed, injured, or left homeless. Yet all across this nation and even in our own community families are dealing with the aftermath of personal tragedies that have devastated their lives as surely as any hurricane. Miranda and Mark Warren know the life changing force of tragedy.  In January of last year, their son Ranger nearly drowned. In fact, he did drown.

Ranger, a full of life two year old, was riding his power wheel when it tipped over into a pool gone green with algae.  Frantically the family and EMS workers searched for Ranger beneath the murky water.  When they finally found him, 25 minutes had passed.  Fearing the worst, Miranda watched as her young son was loaded into a ambulance and rushed to The Dodge County Hospital where medical personnel worked for 2 hours to revive him.

Barely alive and on life support, Ranger was transported to Macon where he spent six days on a ventilator. The doctor’s had little hope that Ranger would survive, but miraculously, he did.  Once off the ventilator, Ranger began what has been and will be a long and arduous journey toward recovery.  Now after six months of physical, speech, and occupational therapy, Ranger is able to have some control of his head and torso.  He is more aware of his surroundings and even able to try to speak.

Family life for the Warrens has changed dramatically.  Going out to eat or just being outside with the family is no longer possible because Ranger becomes fretful when outside of his comfort zone.  However, Miranda  and Mark are determined to make life as happy and comfortable as possible for Ranger.  This includes providing the care he needs to make the most complete recovery he possibly can, even when that care is not covered by insurance.

One of the most promising treatments for patients of near drowning events is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Ranger has had 4 weeks of treatment so far and his family has seen a marked improvement in his awareness.  Ranger and his dad spent 3 to 4 days a week for 4 weeks in Johns Creek, where Ranger received treatment for 90 minutes a day.  They are scheduled for another round of treatments in October.

These treatments are expensive, and Miranda has set up a You Caring donation page for those who are willing to help the family pay for the cost of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  She has been overwhelmed by the financial and emotional support she has received so far, even from complete strangers.

Miranda and Mark have no delusions about the lifelong journey of recovery that Ranger has before him, but they are determined to be at his side and provide him with the best possible treatment they can.  Miranda feels blessed that Ranger continues to be a happy child throughout the whole process and hopes that with continued treatment he will be able to once again participate in and enjoy family outings like he did before the accident.

If you wish to support Ranger’s hyperbaric oxygen treatment you will find his donation page here.

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