Children Help with Harvey donations

With a long holiday weekend looming, some Cochran children found a way to ward off the boredom. Tamara and Deandre Brown spent some of their weekend helping out at the donation center in the parking lot of Farm Bureau.

Tamara helped advertise by holding a poster board sign and waving at passing cars. “I just wanted to help out,” she said as she squinted against the hot sun to wave at cars.

Her brother Deandre liked helping unload the cars and carrying the donated items onto the long tractor trailer parked beside the Farm Bureau office.

A handful of dedicated ladies sat throughout the long hot weekend manning the donation table. Among them were Autumn Witherington and Jana Bates who loaded items into the trailer and organized them to help simplify the distribution process.

The trailer is probably one quarter of the way full. ¬†Donations will be accepted through Friday, so come on Cochran, Let’s come together and fill that trailer!

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