BCM and Cochran-Bleckley Chamber Greet New Arrivals

This past Thursday, August 10, Middle Georgia State University (MGA) welcomed new and returning students to its Cochran Campus.  Ryan McWhorter, campus minister with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM), once again coordinated with church leaders and campus volunteers to help students move-into their new home away from home.    The Bleckley Chamber of Commerce also helped out with move – in day by providing water and lemonade to thirsty movers.

Reverend McWhorter and his volunteers helped move students into their new quarters throughout the day on Thursday, often hauling truckloads of personal items up multiple floors.  “The heaviest things are always the refrigerators, and now even some of the TV’s are pretty heavy,” McWhorter confessed. Despite the heavy lifting, it was a good day, and some minor logistical changes from previous years helped the process run smoothly.

In addition to helping students haul boxes, the BCM provided hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks for the students and their families.  Volunteers from First Baptist Church Believers Sunday school class cooked and served approximately 800 hotdogs to the weary masses.  For the BCM volunteers it was a good day of meeting people and getting the word out about the groups weekly meetings.

The Chamber of Commerce spread the word about our local businesses as they handed out water and lemonade to over 200 people.  They provided phone books and brochures listing local restaurants and retail stores as they passed on the message to “shop local.”  Robin Davis, who is on staff with the chamber, said students and parents indicated that the quiet small-town atmosphere of the college and the safety of the community were some of the reasons that they and their students chose the MGA Cochran Campus.

With a week under their belts, these new students are all moved in and settling into their new home.  Hopefully, their warm Cochran welcome will get them off to a good start.

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