Local Drivers Help BCES Get off to an Exciting Start


If you happened to be out and about early Friday morning, you might have heard the loud Vrooooom of race cars as they sped along highway 26 toward the elementary school.  Students at BCES were greeted by real life race cars and their drivers, Justin Sapp and Ford Childers.  Students were able to pose for pictures and even try out the driver’s seat as they started up the school year.

Justin Sapp, a graduate of BCHS, got up early to make the line-up on Friday.  Justin travels the southeast racing in the Hobby class.  He races as often as he can but admits that fatherhood has slowed him down some these days.  He has had a successful year so far, winning five of the six races he has run.  His next race will be in Swainsboro.

Ford is a fifth grader at BCES, and races his car at the Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele and the Atlanta Motor speedway in Hampton.  He proudly informed me that he had won three races in Cordele and one in Atlanta. However, even winning race car drivers have to be on time to class, so as the bell rang he headed into the building to start his day along with his classmates.

As I left the School, the parking lot had cleared and students and faculty had positioned themselves for a fast start to the new school year.  Come Monday, they will be off and racing.

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