Bleckley Men Honor Mothers

Tyrell Holloway, Marcus Hall, and Chris Jordan

by Melissa Blankenship

Sometimes the simplest expression of appreciation can leave a lasting impression.  Recently the Jeremiah #182 Masonic Lodge visited the mothers at Bryant nursing home and left them with more than just a rose.

Marcus Hall, Tyrell Holloway, and Chris Jordan, members of Masonic Lodge Jeremiah # 182, were looking for ways to help the Cochran community when they hit upon the idea to visit the mothers at Bryant Nursing Home for Mother’s Day.    The men wanted to “show respect for the mothers of Cochran” by presenting roses to the ladies at the nursing home.

When the group arrived at the nursing home, Mr. Holloway was insistent that they not leave until every mother had a rose.  This proved a hard promise to keep as the roses were so popular the guys had to rush out for more.  Mr. Hall says, “I was just touched by the smiles on their faces and the conversations we were having.”

Marcus Hall gives away his last rose.

The men started their self –appointed task with the idea of doing something good for the community, but as they gave out roses, they ceased to think about doing good and just focused on the love given and received with each rose.  In remembering the day Marcus said, “STILL to this day I cannot really explain the humbleness inside of us all.  It was like God was working though us, and it went from community event to LOVE for one another.  We didn’t care about it being known; we just felt that we wanted to be there.”

At the end of the day, when the men thought they had given everyone a rose, a lady in a wheel chair approached Marcus asking, “Where’s my rose?”  Providentially, he had one rose left, which he presented to her with great joy.  It was the perfect ending to the day.

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