BCHS Job Fair Connects Kids and Careers

Volunteers set up booths for BCHS job fair.

The second annual BCHS job fair was held last Friday, April 14.  Over 30 careers were represented, including engineering, education, aviation, manufacturing, nursing, catering, veterinary sciences, radiology, environmental consulting, and real estate. Students engaged with the skills and equipment required in various jobs as they learned about the education needed to succeed in these careers.


Sophomore Seraina Purnell introduces herself to volunteers.

The job fair was the brain child of Jenna Harvey, a science teacher at Bleckley County High School. Ms. Harvey felt it was important to teach her students about the many careers available in the field of science.  It is her hope that “this [job fair] benefits at least one student.”  When asked what her goal is for the job fair, she stated,  “I plan this job fair solely for the future benefit of the students.  My main goal is for students to gain knowledge and hopefully a career from this experience.”

Last year the job fair focused mostly on science related careers, but this year she expanded the types of careers that were represented. With help from Angela Jones, Kathy Jones, Beth Evans, Mark Collins, Maggie Smith as well as the science and physical education departments, Ms. Harvey pulled together a very successful event for both students and career representatives.

Top left: students try their hand at CPR; Top right: volunteer demonstrates the process of intubating a patient; Bottom: freshman Kylee Stone tries out the vibrating vest used to clear the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis

The booths with the most interest represented careers in the medical field.  Students were able to practice CPR, try their hand at intubating  a patient, and demonstrate therapeutic equipment.   Volunteers from respiratory therapy, nursing, veterinary science, and dentistry explained the skills and duties of their jobs.  Local employers such as Bleckley Memorial Hospital and Fast Track Immediate Care were able to tell students about jobs available in the Cochran area.

Outside, even high school students were excited to see a firetruck, ambulance, and a helicopter parked in front of the gym.  However, conversations ran toward educational and physical requirements of the job rather than requests for the siren to be blown.  The Georgia Forestry Commission was also on hand with a trailer full of big equipment and volunteers to fill students in on jobs available with the state of Georgia.

Top left: students talk with volunteers from the aviation school; Top right: students talk with volunteers from the Georgia Forestry Commisssion; Bottom: students talk with volunteers from the Cochran Fire Department and Hearland EMS.

The Air National Guard recruiter and the department of corrections also had many interested students. Careers in these fields do not require education beyond high school and offer salaries and benefits that are appealing to students who are not interested in continuing their formal education.

Students discuss career opportunities with the Air National Guard

Overall, the day was very successful.  Students learned about the variety of jobs available to them in our area. Many even made some connections with people who will be able to help them as they begin their careers in the next few years.

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